2009 MBTA Job Lottery

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The Lottery is currently Closed
    *Part-Time Motorperson (Train Attendant) - $19.62** Part-Time Bus Operator - $19.62**
    Part-Time Streetcar Motorperson - $19.81** Full-Time Track Laborer - $18.04
    Part-Time Customer Service Agent (CSA) - $19.10**  
    * Will be required to work as a Part-Time Train Attendant ($19.34) and/or Part-Time Customer Service Agent
     ** Starting wage $10.00/hour during training

Please Note: All applicants must be at least 18 years old. All lottery positions require a High School Diploma or GED and the ability to comprehend, communicate and respond to instructions, orders, signs, notices, inquiries, etc in English. All selected candidates must pass a qualifying written exam in English, background screenings, physical exam including drug/alcohol screens and an interview.